This week’s blog is a focus on our lovely Kristy Eagle, a.k.a. “Eagle 1 Commander” of the office, the woman who keeps Elaine sane throughout the week.

Kristy came to Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. just months ago, and for that we thank Ms. Brenda Swann of Swann Soirees. Brenda is a snap-shooter wedding coordinator who was kind enough to release her fabulous assistant Kristy to work with us full time. THANK YOU, BRENDA! We just adore Kristy and could no longer imagine our daily operations without her.

While our new computer commander deals with crazy requests, outlandishly late notice orders, and constant direction-giving, she also keeps Elaine free to take care of the myriad other operational tasks that this company requires…and all with a smile and a sparkle in her eye! Gotta love positive attitude, and Kristy certainly has it.

Maybe the infusion of Italian Butter Cream on a daily basis is keeping her joyous???

Although we have not yet met the rest of the family, we have gotten to meet Kristy’s mom Kathy Eagle, who is a rockstar landscape designer and will be helping “The Left Cheek” and”Cheek of All Trades” (AKA Donna & Nick) with their upcoming home improvements on the new house…super cool!

As you can see, Ms. Eagle is rather shy and prefers no limelight, even if it comes from our cameras here…