Liz Beck & Sweet Cheeks at US Grant

Edible British Albums!

Wow, what a stunning display of creativity and regal elegance at the US Grant Hotel this past week for their annual wedding show! It truly was “A Royal Affair” with radiant hues of silver & gold, blues, and jewels tones.

We teamed up with 3 different booths. Our main focus was on the British Royal Family theme, where we worked with incredible talent in vendors:
* coordinated by Liz Beck
* beautiful florals by Dawn Stone
* contemporary seating by
* vintage seating by Hire Elegance
* plateware and silver pieces from various San Diego vintage shops (found by the resourceful Liz Beck, of course)
* photos by Braja Mandala & Gene Higa

Even though we couldn’t get Liz to wear the giant red velvet hat with the leopard skin trim, we still felt it was a pretty special setting…