Showing off our new duds...courtesy of McGuire Photography

Check out our fun on the jungle gym and more on Maryanne’s blog post:
“Great Photographs of the Fantastic Women of Sweet Cheeks…”

What a great afternoon with Maryanne McGuire of McGuire Photography ( we had! Fellow East Coaster from Brooklyn, Maryanne always has a funny quip or chuckle to share…truly one of the most positive and happy people we’ve encountered in our time here! Love her!

All the Cheeks were present and accounted for…donning our favorite new yoga pants and hoodies – all available on our online store again soon!

Grantville Park is a sleepy little San Diego neighborhood spot for kids (and obviously bakers and cake designers now!) down the road from our kitchen, the perfect place to play and make our human pyramids… Are we getting old, or is that a LOT harder (or are the upper tiers heavier?) than it felt as kids?

All garment printing done by Tricia Powell of San Diego’s Stonehenge Style.