At Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. we love grooms who get involved and so rarely find one like Uly. In addition to helping his gorgeous bride to design most of the reception setting, he sent us one of the most lovely, to the point, and gracious notes of thanks from a groom that we’ve ever had. While we get wonderful notes all the time from happy couples, we have never before posted them to our site…rather, they grace the hall bulletin board of our bake shop.

Today, an exception, I am including this nice note from the newly married Ulysses and Ala, truly one of the nicest couples we’ve met in a long time! They were married recently at the Estancia La Jolla – always a happy place for weddings – and were guided along by Alexandra Roselee Hatcher as coordinator. Aqua Photography provided their amazing shooting skills…
Their design was based on a beautiful invitation designed for them by Pink Star Designs the manazanita trees and bird houses that filled the ballroom…amazing floral branches with cascading crystals designed by Patrick Higgins of Artistic Florals & Plants!

“Elaine, Donna,

What an amazing cake! It was a remarkable hit at the wedding – the decoration was artistically perfect and the combination of flavors were yummy! We enjoyed working with you to make a memorable wedding cake – hopefully, the design can spark some additional business for you in the future.


Ulysses & Ala”

Maybe it’s time to start posting more of these amazing notes that we receive! We are so lucky to work for so many amazing clients!