TRUE Photography, Gavin & SPAM

Victoria surely surprised her new groom Gavin at their wedding with their now famous SPAM cake! What a riot they are! We were so thrilled to make this cake for them that we dove into it with abandon and gave them a screaming deal. So many people have seen our initial post with the photos but thought it was just photos of SPAM cans, so we decided we needed to blog it briefly with the real shots we now have of this beautiful couple and their (2) cakes from our talented friends at TRUE Photography! Thanks to Gavin for using his sword to cut the Vanilla Sour Cream Cake with Slow-Cooked Chocolate Fudge, he made it all too much fun.


TRUE Photography, SPAM sliced

The happy couple and their elegant wedding cake:

Their main Wedding Cake

Letter from the Bride:
We received our wedding photographs and I just wanted to send a few your way! Gavin was so surprised with his Spam Cake and let me tell you, it is REALLY hard to surprise a Marine haha
Everyone loved it and it was one of the highlights of our wedding 🙂 Well it was probably THE highlight of the wedding, but I would like to think my walk down the aisle was haha
Thank you again for everything! And we have decided each anniversary we are having one of your Spam Cakes! So I hope it wasn’t too much trouble,