Sweet Cheeks - it's all business....
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Slippin’ & Slidin’ in Butter Cream Madness with Augie!!!

Special thanks to our families, friends, and especially our husbands, Michael Ardizzone & Nick Cellere for making our lives better, our business busier, and our butter cream tastier!  CHEERS to all of you for all that you do for us!


Celebrating 5 years of baking, decorating, entertaining, enlightening, sharing, playing, meeting, greeting, and of course EATING, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. rallied over 150 friends and family (including the often-missed Nick Cellere!) to gather at the beautiful grounds of Sycuan Golf Resort for a party not to be forgotten!

Led by the amazingly organized Liz of Liz Beck Events and motivated with the help of Merrylin & Bob Brichmann of Artistic Productions, the party antics jumped into high gear with no holds barred.  Heather Elise Photography, creating history with her moments on film, captured some of the finest images we’ve seen to date
of industry friends!

The 35’ inflatable Slip n’ Slide (complete with spritzing palm trees and finishing pool) rented from Bounce Time Jumps was ICING ON THE CAKE beyond all expectations. The Italian Butter Cream “option” was a dream of
Master Sugar Shaker Krista Lautenbach, Sweet Cheeks’ first ever employee 4 years ago.  Well done, Krista, in
inspiring the joy for all of us!  First to don his sliding suit and rally the troops, DJ Bob!  Not to let a comrade slide alone, one of our fearless leaders, Elaine Ardizzone, joined him in what spring-boarded an
amazing array of costumed partiers…donning costumes and minimal gear to soak up the fun:  ketchup bottles, inflated (if a bit water-logged) ostrich riders, snakes, sharks, pirates, SCUBA men, and of course…the PINK GORILLA!  Sweet Cheeks Yoga Pants were garment of the hour, many of which had a serious rinsing after that day!

Kids, parents, coordinators, photographers, and others grabbed the sticks to beat up the 2 Pinatas, spilling out candy (and a surprise of 10x sugar spray!) for gobbling up.

Tim Altbaum (of Tim Altbaum Productions) beat out Michael Ardizzone in a very tight race to the finish in Round 1 of the Cupcake Wars!  Hands were tied behind backs, full size cupcakes WITH PAPER were ready for eating, and the war was on…  Round 2 of Cupcake Wars found the graceful Kecia Kelly of L’Auberge Del Mar killing off the competition (even our newest cake decorator Rebecca) in a fabulous feeding frenzy.

Throughout the day, guests enjoyed a fabulous outdoor BBQ spread prepared by Chef Augie Saucedo & his Sycuan Golf Resort cooking team and sipped Guava Martinis and iced tea when they weren’t relishing in the ever-delicious Joes on the Nose Coffee.  Barista James truly outdid himself with the crema!

Never to be outdone by anyone else’s goodies, the Sweet Cheeks Baking Team created not only a gorgeous, memory-laden sculpted #5 cake (Vanilla Bean Cake with Pear Butter Cream) in honor of Elaine & Donna’s crazy experiences but also endless goodies like NEW MINI POP TARTS, classic oatmeal raisin cookies, and Smashing Pumpkin Gluten Free Cupcakes!  Display was, as so often is our fortunate case, provided by friends Valerie & Joe at Enticing Tables.

Woohoo! Heather Elise Photography