We here at Sweet Cheeks Baking make cakes and treats for many occasions: weddings, corporate, parties, etc.  Baby showers are just one kind of party we cater to!  Recently, a lovely couple, Dirk & Linda, approached us as and asked us to create a surprise for their son and daughter-in-law, who were preparing for the first child (and first grandchild), “Victoria.”

We were told the baby shower theme would be “Jungle Jill,” which included adorable figurines of wildlife animals like elephants, monkeys, giraffes and more!   Victoria’s future bedroom design will include the same design elements, which made the entire theme that much more adorable!   We knew the family would be going all out decorating the space according to this theme, so we, too, wanted to make sure the cake fit the scene.

We went with a two-tiered, two-flavored cake.  One layer was one of our light and refreshing flavors, Sunshine Raspberry, which is a citrus-flavored cake with raspberry preserve swirls, which is then filled with raspberry and lemon butter cream.  The next layer was our oh-so-delicious Red Velvet cake, filled with slow-cooked chocolate fudge and strawberry preserves.  Italian Butter cream frosting glazed the cake, and then the four, adorable jungle figurines were made by modeling chocolate and fondant!  We created a monkey, which topped the cake, an elephant, a giraffe, and a hippo for this darling creation.  And, to truly outdo ourselves, we created palm tree, grass and leaves to complete the look!

The shower was held at Dirk & Linda’s Mission Valley clubhouse, and even the location was decorated perfectly.  The entry to the space included giant Birds of Paradise, as well as handmade painted signs that said, “Beware: Wild Animals Ahead!”  The day of the baby shower happened to be a cooler day in San Diego, so the presence of the clubhouse’s stone-fronted, roaring fireplace was a welcome feature for guests and family.  We also think that this adorable cake looked pretty great when added to the setting.  It all fit so perfectly, and we were so honored to be part of this family’s celebration!  We hope we can help them in the coming years with other celebrations and birthday parties!