As we mentioned last week, the Big Bite Bacon Fest took place at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, and what also took place at this flavorful event: a wedding!

Yes, we said wedding.  The creators of the Bacon Fest (Farmer John sponsored the event at the Fairgrounds) offered a fully-paid wedding & honeymoon for a lucky couple, and the lucky couple turned out to be Adrienne & Eddie – who could not have deserved it more.  This amazing couple have 4 adopted children: 1 baby plus 3 children (all siblings)under 12 who were adopted as a group from a foster home in order to keep the 3 together!  Wow, right!?

Star 94.1 FM – San Diego hosted the wedding, with Jesse Lozano – known for his “Single Dad Diaries” feature on air – officiating the wedding!  How cool!

You may be wondering: what was the theme of the wedding?  Well, the theme clearly captured a country-western-Americana design (red, white, blue color scheme; red polka dot fondant table cloth; denim).  It also, as might be expected, had a solid focus not only on bacon flavor but also hand made glistening fondant bacon!

We at Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. were so thrilled to be a part of this special event and even more so thrilled because the winning couple truly deserved it so much!  It was Elaine’s favorite project in a while…that’s how big it was!

Now to the CAKE —  the flavor Donna created was a magical combination of vanilla bean cake soaked with STONE Brewing Co. Smoked Porter-Honey syrup.  It was filled/frosted in Honey-Bacon Butter Cream and freshly-baked Farmer John bacon pieces! (Note the little back denim pocket with SCBC logo & bacon stuffed into it… ;p)

Our creation was set up on stage for all event guests to see, and the happy couple shared slices with family & friends. Even better, the couple was able to take a small tier home to enjoy with their special family in the weeks to come!

We wish this couple nothing but the best, and we were so honored to be a part of this amazingly fun day at the Del Mar Fair.  We can only imagine what’s in store for next year!