We meet great couples all the time in our line of work, and Rebecca and David were one couple that we especially loved.  The two were married at the beautiful Estancia Hotel in La Jolla, and their choices of wedding dessert was as unique as this special couple!

A little background: the couple met in Denver, Colorado, when CO-native, David, was out with friends (and friends of friends), of which Rebecca was part.   The connection was instantaneous, and fast forward years later, and CA-native, Rebecca, moved to Denver be with her man!

Fast forward another few years, and this couple gets married in a gorgeous day at the Estancia.  Since they were getting married in CA, Rebecca wanted to do something special for her groom to remind him of home.  For Coloradans, Coors Light is like Rocky Mountain water; a staple in a CO man’s diet!  For David, Coors Light is his drink of choice!  Rebecca wanted to ensure that her husband’s favorite drink was incorporated into their special day!  For Rebecca, having the Coors Light groom’s cake was a way to bring Colorado to California.

It took a lot of hard work, but the result was a groom’s cake so special and meaningful that we, too, felt like we were from Colorado!  The couple was thrilled with not only the Coors Light cake, but with all the desserts we prepared for their wedding. Couples like this make our job!