Kids love cake almost as much as our team of bakers & decorators love cake! These days it’s astounded us how many children come in to our Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. kitchen and get so excited to help design their own cakes. So much fun!

We put together a quick line up of this past week’s creations – some with more elaborate details, others with tighter budgets in mind…ALL delicious and super fun!

Toy Story cake, Sweet Cheeks (3) (531x800)

5 yr old kids unicorn rainbow birthday cake, Sweet Cheeks


Ok, some kids are “older” than others…


Brady's Fire Truck Birthday Cake,  (598x800)

fire truck cake, Sweet Cheeks (1) (800x531)

kids cakes, Sweet Cheeks (531x800)

Mario Bros game cake topper, Sweet Cheeks (531x800)

Mario Brothers cake, 6 yr old, Sweet Cheeks (531x800)

Monsters Inc cake, Mike Wozowski, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co (13) (531x800)

One Direction Simple Cake, Sweet Cheeks (1) (531x800)