Sometimes it’s just the beauty of the kitchen, the cake pans and the baking basics that brings us inspiration…well, that and the exquisite photography of some of San Diego’s finest shooters!

During one of our Sweet Cheeks parties, Eddie Bojorquez caught a quick pic during the rain of our entrance at night – so cool, he is a master with a lens:

Studio 512 Photography...Captured at night

Studio 512 Photography…Captured at night

Whisks may well provide some of the FINEST Italian Meringue Butter Cream on the planet, but they also share a beauty of curve, form, and style…without the fine whisks we would never get the elegant mouthfeel of whipped frostings.

kitchen whisk for Donna's biz cards

Donna’s fave…caught by Studio 512 Photography’s Eddie Bojorquez

Photos by Darin Fong Photography.... "delicious!"

Photos byDarin Fong Photography…. “delicious!”


Some of our favorite items = PANS

Cake pans, cooking pans, saute pans, all help us get through our day of cooking & baking tasty treats:

hanging pans, David Bain Photography (532x800)

David Bain Photography

Studio 512

Studio 512 photo

…and last but never least, the grand Madame Mixers!  Without the help of small machines, our little hands would never be able to keep up with demand for our delicious batters.

987C1644.CR2 cake batter, David Bain Photography (800x800)Many thanks go out to our amazing photographic genius friends at:

:: Studio 512

:: Darin Fong Photography

:: Leeland (David) Bain Photography

Now go start baking!