Team Cheeks supports The Left Cheek, Ms. Donna, as she beautifully finishes her very first TRIATHLON here in San Diego!!!
Cheeks at Donna's tri Cheeks Donna in run portion of race Mission Bay Coaster triathlon

In a show of tremendous effort, multiple Cheeks rose out of bed on an early Sunday morning to cheer on their fearless leader Donna as she finished her very first triathlon!  WOO HOO!!!  So much fun to show support, probably just as cool as it was for her to participate.

Nick (our “Jack of All Cheeks”) of course led the charge by driving Donna up despite his head cold,

Lauren joined graciously, bringing yummy Sweet Cheeks breakfast treats for the crew and our NEARLY-PROFESSIONAL posters 😉

Kayla, Laurel, & I met up to prove that early rising can be fun with our beach cruiser bike ride down the boardwalk to reach the race scene – thanks for the laughs, dolphin sightings, and rusty chain mechanics to Kayla & Laurel! Thanks to Uncle Alex for sharing his bikes with us!

Krista caught up with vigor & enthusiasm, always the awesome cheerleader.

For a review of this fun event, check out the real website: