NO-NO’S in the summer heat:

  • 3-piece suits
  • Hot metal seats
  • (Yeeeouch!) short dresses!

Continued thoughts on a hot, sunny day… This is really a tip for both the hosts AND the guests.

We all have that infamous friend (or girlfriend of friend) who wears the inappropriately short dress (OK, guest, here is the tip I meant for you…don’t ever try to out-sexy the bride, even if the “bride” is a 185-lb male).

Hosts should plan to provide non-metal seats for an outdoor ceremony. They won’t burn people’s thighs if they choose to wear the dangerously short style dress or short pants… well, maybe this guest deserves a hot, metal seat for having worn this to your wedding…


Maybe something like this will protect both your legs and your relationship with other females there… still sexy and yet not asking for a fight. LOL!


Be considerate if suggesting the style of dress for your party – whether you’re requesting guests don the “all black clothing” for the Goth approach or even requiring “FORMAL ATTIRE” for men.

Just think about how hot a full suit and even a tie is on a hot day in August!

How gorgeous are THESE looks for men???  No one will complain that they didn’t wear a tux… Yeowzers!!



Shot at Catamaran Resort on Mission Bay

My own husband was adamant about wearing a tux, and he suffered briefly, but that’s just the stubborn, classic New Yorker in him.  xoxoxoxo