Clients who write us exceptional “Thank-You” notes truly make our jobs worth every moment of stress, time, labor, and attention to detail.  Kelly & William, married at the urban-cool setting of The Bristol Hotel in downtown San Diego, just sent us the most wonderful letter, just one week shy of their 1-year anniversary.  We don’t normally share self-congratulatory posts like this, but she really did make a rainy day shine today, with her note and with these gorgeous images of their love together!  Thank you, Kelly for this letter!

“Hi Sweetcheeks!

It’s been almost a year now since our wedding and I never actually reached out to THANK YOU for your unbelievable cake!! It was STUNNING, it was more than I dreamed of, and it truly – besides the whole marriage part – was my absolute favorite piece of the whole wedding weekend. (So much so that I had several pieces of it, haha) Our photographer has done 400+ weddings and he told us that your cake was without a doubt in the top 5 wedding cakes he has ever photographed. It was PERFECTION. (So perfect, in fact, that father of the bride thought it was an exquisite present throughout the whole event instead of the cake, and a group of friends was so convinced that it was fake – because the edges were too perfect – that one of them got the courage to swipe the back of it to see, then turned in a panic to the rest of them with her frosting finger! They made a pact not to tell us until later 🙂

Your cake was also so incredibly yummy that we decided to eat the top tier so we could enjoy it without freezer burn! So I’m wondering if we can order the top again for our 1 year anniversary coming up??

The date is January 19th. It was the Red Velvet with cream cheese filling. We live in Madison, WI so it will include shipping. I hope I’m giving you enough notice? Let me know if this is doable!

And THANK YOU SO MUCH again – I truly can’t thank you enough for how you made our day,

— Kelly Boone”

Kelly ordered her cake from her home in Madison, WI, so it was all up to us to make sure we captured her perfect design, color, & flavor – sight unseen!  (gulp)  Our Sweet Cheeks Baking team knocked it out of the park by baking super-moist Red Velvet Cake and layering all tiers with our Silky Cream Cheese Filling and Italian Butter Cream Icing with crisp corner edging.  Sooooo yummy!

Red Velvet wedding cake

Delicious Red Velvet awaits! Photo by Anderson Fine Art Photography

Could these two look more stunning???  Wow!  Additional Wedding Professionals who helped make Kelly & William’s Big Day so special:

The Hotel Bristol & H Events *    Photographer: Tim Anderson     Florist: Leela Silchuk, Organic Flora