Making Caramel

Donna, always stirring the pot…

Cake is Tough Work… Team Cheeks is here!

All those home bakers out there who think baking & decorating cakes is (pardon the pun) “a piece of cake” have it wrong.  Serious cake decorating is tough work and requires many hours of training, patience, practice, and attention to detail!

In the Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. kitchen, while our baking team creates amazing cakes to EAT, the decorating team enhances them in STYLE and CREATIVITY.  Here’s a little “behind the scenes of the bakery” to show how focused and exact our world is:

It’s all in the DETAILS… and it takes a crew of dedicated people to create the perfect polished cake, dessert buffet, or goody bag!  Whew!  Now that’s what I call TEAM CHEEKS AT WORK!

(Is it time for a celebratory cocktail???)