The lady mountain gorilla sat within INCHES of them…surrounded by jungle and mist, as if straight out of a Jane Goodall documentary!

Traveling together in foreign lands – language barriers, exhaustion, expense, diet changes (not to mention the BUGS!) – either pulls people together or makes them ready for “time apart.” It can be stressful. As travel bugs ourselves, we have so much fun meeting our fun couples who truly BONDED through their crazy adventures, long journeys, and foreign languages – especially the people who inspire us with unique wedding cakes based on travel… They are kind enough to share some of these stories with us…just us, just their little wedding cake vendor.

In honor of their 1st YEAR ANNIVERSARY (and now “Wedding Baby” Quinn! Well done, you two…), we send out this blog post about this tremendously kind & loving couple.  A big THANK YOU to Michelle & Bryan, for being enthusiastic about joining our blog – even while managing a newborn at home – and for sharing some brief tales!

Brief Tales from Michelle & Bryan

1. How did you meet?
We meet in high school in Arizona and dated briefly then. We actually reconnected about 8 years ago because we saw a post on Facebook where we had both visited Machu Picchu. At that time Bryan was living in NYC and Michelle in San Francisco. Bryan invited Michelle out for a visit to NYC for NYE 6 years ago and the rest was history.

2. Was travel a big connecting factor in your relationship?
We have always loved traveling and at the beginning of our relationship would make sure we met somewhere new when we got to see each other – we have been to Belize, Uganda, Rwanda, Argentina, Chile, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and France. We lived in Berlin together.

3. What or Where was your coolest adventure together? (any funny details about the experience shared is great too).
Our coolest adventure was definitely going to see the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda. We were able to trek through the high altitude mountains and enjoy watching the beauty of the mountain gorillas in the wild close-up and personal. One of the lady mountain gorillas actually came up to bryan and brushed his leg which made us all laugh. He had a fan!

4. Were your friends & family psyched to see that you chose to have a totally unique, shaped suitcase case vs. a classic wedding cake for your Big Day?
Our family loved it – it went perfectly with the story of our relationship and the cake showed all of the important places that had built our partnership. We loved the pretze! We loved the whole amazing cake.

5. You hired a great team of vendors; any input on them?
They were all incredible. We could not have done it without Sabrina! She thought of every detail.

6. You have a new baby (“wedding baby,” as you call her…love it) Do you hope to travel with Baby Quinn in the future?
We are already planning our first trip with Quinn. We are taking her to Portugal and Ireland. We hope she will love exploring the world as much as we do!

Cake Design for Them

Couples who love to travel, deserve a cake about travel. How about a glob atop a piece of luggage?

For the luggage (bottom tier):

  • Cake flavor: lemon cake
  • Outer later: Italian buttercream
  • Filling #1: strawberry buttercream
  • filling 2: Fresh strawberries (not syrupy)

For the globe:

  • Cake flavor: chocolate
  • Outer layer: Peanut butter butter cream
  • Filling: truffle


We were thrilled to work with these fine vendors:

Michelle & Bryan Celebrate!