We receive many amazing referrals from other professionals in the industry, but it still warms our hearts most when these pros choose us to create their OWN special occasion cakes & desserts. What an HONOR!

The most recent order was made by Alya Zahid. Alya is the owner of two beautiful businesses: H. KLES BRIDAL COUTURE and The White Rose Salon in Cielo Village of Rancho Santa Fe. Not only is Alya a LOVELY person with impeccable taste & style, she is admirably driven by natural beauty, health and elegance.

This amazing party was put in place to celebrate some serious VIP’s in her life including the birthday of her 5-year old son, 7-year old daughter, her good friend AND her own wedding anniversary with her wonderful husband!! Wow, so much to be thankful for!

Graciously, since Alya had met us while working a bridal show in RSF together, she had waited for the appropriate occasion to contact us and order something fantastic. We were absolutely flattered and thrilled to work for such a lovely and classy woman in our industry. And with that…the pressure was on!

As with any order, these are the facts we need to know:

  • WHO is being celebrated?  (Child? Adult? Male? Female? Company? Friend?)
  • What FLAVOR do they love to eat? (Chocolate? Vanilla? Pumpkin? Pistachio? Funfetti?)
  • What’s their PASSION/HOBBY?  (Sports? Movies? Animals? Nature? Sea? Fashion?)

We do our best to coordinate passions into a design. Sometimes, however, the combinations don’t make sense on only one cake, so we figure it out together.

The Key Points Alya gave us were:

  • Daughter: LOVES Unicorns, anything girly
  • Son: Obsessed with his cat and Pirate Jack Sparrow (hmmm…)
  • Everyone: Loves their cats
  • Favorite FLAVORS: chocolate, vanilla, lemon and S’Mores

Perfect example of a bunch of things that are hard to collaborate onto one cake. SOOOO…here’s what we all came up with:

  • UNICORNS: We made a darling unicorn cake catered towards the chocoholics, yummy!
  • JACK SPARROW: Check! She found someone to dress as the famous Pirate to make an appearance (way cool for her son!!!)
  • CATS: For this a fully sculpted cat head was in order. It was in the image of their white cat named Fleece! (Notice the electric blue eyes and handsome orange collar)
  • EVERYONE: For those who aren’t into slices of cake we did some smaller baked goodies. Mouth-watering s’mores flavored mini cake shots and some lemon bars for those feeling zesty!

People think we get upset when kids poke their fingers into cakes (you know, to check if it’s REAL because our decorators do such an amazing job at making them so SMOOTH!), but honestly, that’s just a form of flattery to us. Any child that wants to do that AFTER the guests see the cakes is A-OK in our book! This time was no exception. Her son almost immediately poked right into the Unicorn Cake, SMACK IN THE NOSE. Hilarious! Photographer Jessica Jaccarino did a great job editing out the fingerprint on the front-facing shot, but we love that you can see it on the side angle next to the cat cake. Ha! So cute. GOTTA LOVE KIDS, cuz KIDS LOVE CAKE!!!

Thank you so much, Alya, for thinking of us for your special occasion! We had such a blast and we can’t wait for the next one! 

Client:  The White Rose Salon // @thewhiterosesalon

Client: H.KLES BRIDAL COUTURE // @hklesbridal

Photographer: Jessica Jaccarino Photography // @jessicajaccarinophoto