Let us tell you a little story about Tanya and Jason. Somehow, through a flurry of emails and phone calls, a somewhat frantic bride found us after her original bakery had bailed last minute! Tanya was desperate and adamant that Star Wars must be The Force of this wedding’s dessert table! She was surprising her groom, Jason, with these fabulous ideas at their otherwise very elegant affair taking place at the top of San Diego’s Symphony Towers! How crazy-cool is that?!

Tanya and I didn’t have the pleasure of meeting in person until their wedding day, which is rather rare for our clients. I had just assumed that they were coming in from out of state doing a destination wedding! While rushing the order, we just focused on the task at hand which was designing a dessert table for this grand surprise. Before the guests arrived, the couple walked into the reception room to wait for the ceremony to start. I was just packing up from setting up their desserts including a Boba Fett cake. YIKES! Since it was a surprise for Jason, I was panicking that he might notice the dessert table! Well, how do you hide a 14” tall BOBA FETT HEAD? You don’t. So instead, I turned on my phone’s video camera. It was my quick moment to introduce myself finally to Tanya and let me tell you, I’ve NEVER been hugged by a client so tightly and with so much APPRECIATION! 

Jason was so excited once he found out what Tanya did for him and seeing the joy on their faces is what we love most about this business. Fun fact: Come to find out, we only live 3 blocks from one another! After this, surely we will be buddies for years!

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A special thanks to these amazing vendors who helped this wedding run as beautifully as possible!


Enjoy a few select pictures below and May the Force be With You!