What a FUN wedding experience! While on delivery, I got to watch Billy Economou shooting the pics of the bride’s maids & the bride, Natosha, playing around just before this wedding! They were having a great time, not worrying about the swirling clouds overhead of their outside dining setup…whew! We got very lucky with most of the last two weekend’s weddings after many rainy forecasts. So thankful.

Natosha was the quintessential “strong woman wears lace” and was just radiant in her stunning backless gown – showing off gorgeous body art, so So. Cal. classic these days.

She & her handsome new husband Michael enjoyed some super yummy fresh berry tarts, strawberry and toasted marshmallow S’Mores cake shots, and of course their rose gold striped wedding cake – vanilla bean cake filled with coconut cream cheese. YUM!!!

Many thanks to Amanda from TriciaDahlgrenEvents.com for her help in getting these desserts displayed – sometimes the room just isn’t ready for us, and a helpful group of professionals make it all seamless.

They were surrounded by their large gathering of friends and family at the historic and intimate Britt Scripps Manor in the lovely Banker’s Hill area of San Diego. Also, how cool that due to the very private nature of the venue, their dogs were allowed too!

Enjoy a few select pictures below, courtesy of True Photography.


Shout out to all of their fabulous vendors!