There is no real easy way to say “Buon Viaggio” to a friend moving away, but when it’s one of your BEST FRIENDS of 18 years, who also happens to be your business partner for 11 of those, it is even harder. While I am SO EXCITED for Donna and Nick as they embark on the next phase of their lives together – to move closer to retirement near their families & friends in Florida – I can speak for our whole team when I say that we will all surely miss them here in California. Donna’s loyalty, hugs, and sound ear; her ridiculous pranks; her tongue out in every photo; and of course her camaraderie in the kitchen are just the beginnings of the reasons we will miss her in the bakery. There is also enjoying her homemade jellies, sharing a “spot of tea” in the afternoons, dancing to Neil Diamond, and of course Nick’s “Fix-it” abilities and hugs – oh heck, we’ll miss him too! Together we built a business from nothing, survived a recession, and created a celebrated name – a feat many will never claim and one we will always be proud of. My dear friend, you are a rock-star and the Queen of Pie Dough! Thank you for everything! I couldn’t have ever asked for a more fun, caring, & trust-worthy business partner. I cannot wait to paddle board along the Coral Coastline with you soon.

Sending out BIG “Thank You’s” to my incredible team who have stepped up and proven their professionalism and loyalty, my husband who has spent tireless hours calming my stress and improving new processes, my family back east for their awesome encouragement, and to our incredible industry friends for loving and supporting our Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. as we carry on the next phase of growth at the bakery! I am thankful for everything that we have accomplished, wowed by our awesome team, proud of our beautiful and delicious products, and excited for 2019! It will be a FANTASTIC and EXCITING year for us all, and we’ll try not to bug Donna too often with “Now where’s that folder again?” questions!!

Enjoy a few photos from Donna’s time with us!