Sweet Cheeks recently had the opportunity to work on an incredible project – a styled photo shoot at the famous Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate. The shoot came to life under the creative direction of Melody Ponce, wedding planner and designer at Winner Circle Events. It was an honor for Sweet Cheeks to team up with Melody for this photoshoot at a DREAM LOCATION.

Three Cheeks, myself (Elaine), Lauren and Kayla, took a whirlwind of a drive out to the desert. We brought along our favorite Geek Cheek, Michael, because you never know when you’ll run into technical difficulties. (He’s also a HUGE Sinatra fan!) We were filled with pride and excitement to be featured at this famous estate! Plus, who wouldn’t want to film a day with famous synchronized swimmers, the Aqualillies, at Frank’s old stomping grounds?? With Frank Sinatra on the radio, Team Cheeks arrived to a desert scene straight out of old school Palm Springs…

An outstanding team of professionals worked together to make the day complete magic. This includes the incredibly stunning real-couple – San Diego photographers, Jen and Shane – who could not have been more in love! They radiated delicious wedding warmth as they modeled all day under the hot sun!  Set amid a backdrop of palm trees, sunshine, synchronized swimmers, and the winter mountains… the shoot was so gorgeous!

Maryanne McGuire, one of our favorite photographers, known not only for her breathtaking landscapes and travel photos but also her images of couples and vintage glam, shot the photos at Twin Palms Estate.

For the shoot, we designed a  GORGEOUS mid-century inspired navy blue and gold cake and enjoyed helping our fellow vendors set up drinks, stage invitations, move furniture, and more. Mostly, though, the mere THRILL of snuggling up in Sinatra’s bathtub made us all giddy. Sinatra’s sink still shows signs of the old crack historically made when Frank threw a Champagne bottle at Ava Gardner during an argument!! Click here to explore more of the rich history about Twin Palms Estate.

You can be sure we enjoyed our share of post-photo shoot Rat Pack cocktails at local tiki bar, Tonga Hut, followed by a celebratory dinner together at Il Corso in Palm Desert.

Enjoy a look behind the scenes!

Thank you to the other amazing vendors