Learning makes us more valuable. Teaching helps us to LEARN even more all over again. I love teaching about Food & Wine. It’s been my passion for my entire career in Food & Beverage, and I’ve been fortunate to teach in many incredible venues and locales. (More on those fun places in my next article, and let’s not discuss “how many years” I’ve been doing this.)

From Oct. 13-15 I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas to wax poetic (let’s hope) on Dessert & Cake Trends at the WeddingMBA Convention. It’s my first time being there as well, so I’m SUPER EXCITED to walk the convention floor, meet lots of great & talented people in our industry, and get to yammer on stage about how INSANELY YUMMY it is to pair Single Malt Islay with our Monster Cookies!! Yes, I’m also very proud to have been respected enough as a professional in my field to be asked to speak…

Workshop Details

  • Date: Monday, October 14, 2019
  • Time: 5:00 pm
  • Location: Aspen Room @ Las Vegas Convention Center
  • Discussion: “FROSTED” – Next Year’s Cake And Dessert Trends

Cake Trends

Some of the cake trends I’ll be discussing will feature what we see happening in our world:

  • The BAC we’ve mentioned before in some of our blogs (although I promised Shannon that I would not use the “Big Ass Cake” terminology or acronym while speaking to this demure…cough-cough… audience)
  • Dessert Stations and keeping your guests on the DANCE FLOOR (Yesssss to our DJ & band friends!)
  • PAIRINGS – food & wine pairing has evolved FINALLY in the United States to include the fun I’ve been blabbering about for decades: Champagne & Cake, Dessert & Drinks, Bubbles & Bon-Bons, Whiskey & Cookies, Tequila & Lemon Shortbread…Hold it… Now we’re talkin’ my language!* (See Anecdote below for a good chuckle)


Some other fabulous speakers, who should not be missed, are also our friends (we’re so proud):

I hope to see some of you there and maybe even win a BLACK 26 on the Roulette Wheel!


10 years ago Scotch & Tequila became the ONLY way to coax me onto that damn terrifying Haunted Hay Ride at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Anyone who knows me around Halloween & scary movies has learned that I DO NOT DO ZOMBIES. Hate them. Hate the whole scary business of them. And yet, there I was, hopping onto the back of a tractor – only because I grew up on a farm with a tractor and happy-fun-fun hayrides with Dad driving – until I heard that there were ZOMBIES hiding in the back alleys of the racetrack who might occasionally jump up onto the backs of the passengers. I’m sorry, WHAT? No way. Need Tequila STAT! Thanks to my trusty friend & Left Cheek, Donna, who had freshly baked Lemon Shortbread cookies with us, I gobbled them up with two shots. Let me tell you, they paired MAGICALLY with Plata Tequila, even the cheap stuff sold at the track! From that day forward, my evolution of pairing Sweet Cheeks cookies with more beverages became a fascination!