Yes, it’s true, “we’re all in this together…” and if you’re at all like me, you’re getting pretty tired of everyone looking like a bank robber, having to hide from your favorite people, eating your own cooking, and feeling just a little lost.

We’ve been working on ways to cheer up your kids, your spouse, your parents, your friends, and YOURSELF… Time to shine up your May Gray and soon-to-be June Gloom!

COMFORT FOOD is the key…I mean really, what else perks everyone up better than SWEETS?! We’ve been digging into our childhood favorites and creating new treats to share with you.

This week we’re showcasing some of our TOP SELLING DESSERTS & CAKES for retail purchase. Here are two of my FAVES:

Lemon-Coconut Cake Pillows

Mini vanilla bean cakes enveloped in fresh, tangy lemon curd and enrobed in unsweetened coconut- SO YUMMY! Truly delicious, and these pair beautifully with a killer dessert wine sourced from our friends at TRULY FINE WINE for an additional $25!!!

Comfort Custard Cream Pie

NEW from the Mama Lewis (Chef Jeff’s mom) kitchen secrets! Classically crafted, Boston Creams are actually cakes. Enough to feed your family and share with a neighbor:

  • Classic Boston Cream Pie
  • Triple “Chocolate Boss” chocolate custard

To order these and more, check out our online store.


What’s in Your Dreams?

If anyone has a DREAM FLAVOR they’d like to see us make, please send us your ideas. Now is the time, before “the season” actually (and will it finally?) opens and we get back to a real menu…Oh, but wouldn’t that be amazing!Your Content Goes Here

Lemon-Coconut Cake Pillows

Comfort Custard Cream Pie

Honestly, I am truly grateful to all of the local San Diegans, friends & family from afar who have ordered from us, shared stories with us, and supported us and other small businesses. When I see that our cakes & desserts make people smile through this time, it certainly makes me feel better.

(In fact, right before writing this, I consumed a small bowl full of our Truffle Frosting. Today would’ve been my mom’s 85th birthday if she’d lived past 54. I get sad at the end of May but somehow treats like a spoonful of Truffle frosting helps – yup, just me and a spoon and big grin on my face afterward. Believe me, IT WORKS! Don’t worry, yes, I ate it served chilled… come on, I’m not a heathen!)
~ Elaine