Aaaaah, that TASTE OF SUMMER…Fresh market berries, creamy Custard & homemade flaky pie crust – exactly what we all need to kick-start a 4th of July celebration!

Family Sizes for the 4th

Summer Berry-Custard Cream Pies for the Win!

Mixed berries in season, covering Mama Lewis’ amazing vanilla custard cream, in our 9” Signature flaky homemade pie crust – dusted with sugar snow and a touch of pixie dust (because don’t we ALL need a little magic right now?)

“MILK + Cookies”

Includes 2 hand-painted “MILK” bottle sugar cookies + 8 of our girthy chocolate chunk cookies – we suggest grabbing a pint of your favorite ice cream and sandwiching these to recreate our famous “WHOOKIES” from the San Diego Fair…

July 4th Cupcakes

Fun to share! And Chef Jeff is making MARBLE CUPCAKES this week!

Cupcake Flavors this Week:

  • Vanilla with Raspberry Buttercream
  • Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Truffle
  • Marble with Dark Chocolate Truffle

Packs of 6 – choose 1 flavor
Packs of 12 – choose up to 2 flavors

Do You Have the RED, WHITE & BLUES?

With all the ups & downs going on in our country right now, we continue to be grateful that we live in a place where freedom still reigns stronger than in most. We continue to embrace being a woman-owned business who has employed every type of person, regardless of race, sex, religion, or preference, over the years. Through that time, we have shared years of learning from each other, empowering one another, helping our community, and of course eating a lot of cake along the way. Thank you for continuing to support local business as we pull ourselves out of the lockdown and start to create JOY for our clients’ events once again…LET’S DO IT!!!!