You ever have those nights (oh who’s kidding who? Lately, they’re more common than ever!) when you rummage around in the fridge or freezer for that GLUTTONOUS SNACK that you don’t want anyone to watch you eat? You know, the messy stuff that gets ALL OVER YOUR FACE to the point that you’re literally eating it over the sink and wiping your face with the closest dish towel…?

This coming week’s specials will kick your CRAVING into high gear!


Decadent tripe-chocolate brownies, loaded up with a thick layer of dark chocolate truffle and piled with Italian Buttercream and crushed OREOS!!! Holy cow, it’s almost too big to get into your mouth! (but you’ll try…) Pack includes 4 huge decadent treats = $25

Cake Tumblers*

Nothing says “SUMMER YUM” like S’mores and Berries! Featuring NEW Full Size (10 oz) Cake Cups in 2 different delicious flavors of summer!

*Each pack includes 4 tumblers of luscious treats = $25

Along with these two new specials featured, we also offer more available on our full menu.

Backyard BBQ S’Mores

Blackout chocolate cake layered with Chocolate Truffle, topped with Toasted Mini Marshmallows and Graham Cracker Crumb

Summer Picnic Berrylicious

Vanilla bean cake soaked in almond, layered with Raspberry cream cheese, Raspberry preserves, and an Italian Buttercream rosette



  • For Cakes: Tuesdays by NOON
  • For Other Treats: Wednesdays by NOON

TO ORDER other custom cakes, desserts & cookies, please contact us directly for anything not showing on our Square store: [email protected]

Sunny days are here, whether we’re getting to share them with our normal friends or not! I hope you’re all still making the effort to GET OUTSIDE, get FRESH AIR, and feel the warm sunshine on your skin – yes, the doctors all say that VITAMIN D is very important to our health, just not too much of it.