“Galactoids” – Our definition: A situation when friends or family members suffering as Gluten-Free and/or Dairy Free eaters are unable to select an appropriate meal or dessert that they can share together due to the endless dietary challenges that surround their bellies.


I am personally a certified “lactoid,” a sad-faced, non-dairy-consumer for years…no, certainly not by choice. I marvel at the strange way our bodies reject certain foods or ingredients – for some, it is casein, for others wheat, peanuts, soy, shellfish, red berries, mango, avocado, chocolate, pistachios – holy cow, YOU NAME IT! Each of us is a UNIQUE individual. Yes, we are truly “individual” in the way we live, think, believe, and enjoy life. So it’s critical that small food & beverage companies like us do our best to keep up with the needs of all of you!

For years already we’ve been known as one of the few bakeries in San Diego who make GLUTEN FREE desserts & cakes. We’ve even created full menus for our (GF) clients’ needs, and most of the GF treats taste just as perfect as our regular baked goods. It’s a tricky business to please everyone as much as possible without sacrificing quality and attention to what we make most: real butter, real wheat flour, and real YUMMY, beautiful cakes & desserts.

With September now arriving and “Autumn” starting in much of the world, you know what that means: PUMPKIN IS BACK, as is the Pumpkin Spiced Latte at your favorite coffee shop! (Did you know that Pumpkin was OUT OF STOCK across the nation for a few weeks recently? We sure found out the painful way during COVID…talk about stress! Our Smashing Pumpkin Bread is one of our TOP SELLERS at Whole Foods Market!)

For your GLUTEN FREE FRIENDS & FAMILY – and even if you’re just trying to cut back on gluten, be sure to try this week’s special cupcake pack – easily ordered on our Square store.

  • Pumpkin Spiced Latte Cupcakes (GF) – Rich, moist pumpkin-dense cupcakes frosted in a creamy Latte Coffee Cream, dusted in cinnamon and topped with a gold-dusted chocolate espresso bean.
    • 6 pack – $27 ($4.50/ea)
    • 12 pack – $52 ($4.33/ea)

Enjoy these bad boys with some hot tea, cold milk (lucky you, Dairy Lovers), or even a GF Bourbon like Makers Mark!

***Place orders before NOON on Wednesday in order to pick up at the bakery on Friday between 10am-2pm.***


Remember that we make many CUSTOM designed cakes & desserts – please inquire or call with a bit more advanced notice for custom items. So many fun ideas for fall parties!