Elopements, Weddings, and Personal Celebrations!

“Why don’t you just ELOPE?” Goodness, I can still hear those words from my dad from when Michael & I were talking about the cost of a wedding 16 years ago. Elopements are very popular right now due to the many restrictions in the past months and I don’t mean running off to Vegas! Just because your count went down from 200 to 25, doesn’t mean you can’t dress to perfection, look your finest, have a perfectly catered dinner, stunning bouquets of flowers, personally selected music, intimate lighting, professional photos/video, and of course a petite, gorgeous wedding cake & desserts!

Lots of our small-wedding clients also have so much money left over from NOT spending a fortune that they even find the fun add-on gifts, like a delicious painted cookie, for take-home guest gifts.

If you or someone you know is planning a wedding – whether large or small – we are here to help make it DELICIOUS & EASY to treat your guests! Please inquire for a tasting!

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Featuring some of SD’s suggested pro vendors for intimate weddings:

On a personal note…

In 2005 the party-lover in me couldn’t settle for eloping, even though I was on a shoestring budget. Michael & I love to entertain; we relished the joining of family & friends around us. We wanted to dance to “our song” (Bobby Darin’s “Beyond the Sea”), watch Michael dance with his mom, and hear our hilarious British band The Scones play a punk version of Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline” for my father-daughter dance. Since our wedding day, 10 of our wedding guests have passed away, and as of this week, my dad is in the hospital with heart and kidney problems. Believe me, your anniversary memories are all the more poignant in 2020. Don’t wait too long, jump ALL IN to celebrate your new life together, no matter what!

15 years married, and I can still say that I LOVE THIS MAN, my husband, my life! I feel supported, loved, and cared for, as I share in that commitment to him and to everything we do together. I thought surely we’d be celebrating a “Vow Renewal” on a local cruise with friends & family this week, but of course “due to COVD,” none of that transpired. Instead, we’ll be supporting one of our favorite local restaurants who has survived the pandemic along with us, and it will be equally as special.

Sending my husband Michael the biggest hug and the squishiest of kisses on this next, our 15th Wedding Anniversary!

Always with love,
~ Elaine