Thanks & Giving!

This year we decided to bake PIES again for the holidays – woohooo!!! They are more a labor of LOVE than profit (especially as we compete with box stores and their $9.99 pies), but they allow us to share a sense of HOME with you.

Thanksgiving Pie Flavors

  • Classic Flavors
    • Grannie’s Apple Crumb
    • Cheebee’s Pumpkin Pie
  • Vegan Flavors
    • Very Vegan Apple Pie
    • Vegan Love Pumpkin Pie

To order your Thanksgiving pies, please see our Square store!

All orders must be placed by November 20th!

All PIES will be ready for PICKUP on WEDNESDAY, NOV. 26 between 9am-NOON


On a Personal Note

I can still picture Mom preparing the turkey, filling it with stuffing, showing me how to use the liquid from the green beans to make the gravy, and of course baking the pies for 40-50 family members every Thanksgiving. My aunts would bring side dishes, and my older (and VERY TALL, athletic) cousins would come prepared to entertain us with their endless appetite and outdoor games. Sue & I had the jobs of polishing all of the rarely used silver for “the adult’s table” and ironing all of the linen napkins (we NEVER understood fabric napkins back then, but I use them almost exclusively as an adult!) Dad had to mow the lawn and rake the leaves so that between TV football games, we could play lawn darts with our uncles and football with our cousins. It was a magical time to grow up – I am so thankful to have had a big, extended family and for learning to share our efforts during holidays and every day!

Though the history of Thanksgiving has gotten lost in part through our society, the IDEA of giving thanks for what we have and for just GIVING, in general, continues to flourish in the US on Thanksgiving Day. No matter your beliefs, race, preferences, or bank account level, you will likely celebrate the holiday with at least a few family members or friends, and ask “how can I contribute?” Isn’t that such a nice feeling – to GIVE? Of course, let’s be honest, when we have a good friend who loves to cook, bake, and entertain, we will graciously receive delicious food on a lovely table! …But so much nicer to SHARE the tasks, contribute a dish, offer to help wash the dishes, or bring the wine…at least that’s how my parents taught me at a young age, and I continue to live it.
People like to be part of something, feel included. We see that in teams, fans, clubs, associations, and friendships every day. By contributing, you get that warm feeling of BELONGING, of not taking others for granted.

So this November, even though many of us are still suffocating under the COVID regulations and hindered from our normal visits with relatives, think about how you can GIVE and why you should feel THANKFUL. Look outside, embrace your loved ones, cheer for your favorite team, and enjoy the most delicious and wonderful meal you can manage this year. Life is short, and we’ve got to appreciate every opportunity to GIVE THANKS.

Sending gratitude and love to you,