Wow, after over 25 years of owning restaurants & this bakery, I have never closed to take off for Christmas week. But ah-haaaaah! Thanks to our recurring buddy “Covid-19 Lockdown,” this might as well be the year to do it.

PLEASE NOTE: Sweet Cheeks will be CLOSED* from NOON, Dec. 22-reopening Monday, January 4, 2021. (*except for pre-confirmed orders)

As you know us by now, you know that we love to share celebrations and hugs – this year we send them to all of you virtually.  Whatever language you speak or culture you embrace, please share some LOVE, JOY, & GOOD ENERGY to all the world around you:

CHEERS! Saluti! Sante! Skal! Ovacii! Zivjeli! Fi sihtik! Ganbei! Jubel! Gejuig! Stin ygeia sas! Chiyars! Tshirz! Paglipay! Urakhats’ um! A salute! Animo! Tagay! Proost!

Here’s to ROASTING 2020 and TOASTING 2021 – may this next year bring us some sanity, truth, and peace.

Much love to all,