Valentine’s Day is a blessing for some, a curse for others, a sales boom for engagement rings & liquor, and a sweet-lover’s dream! We’re offering some deliciously decadent and fun-loving specials for couples, families, and friends.

I think of Valentine’s Day as a time for reflecting on “what WE bring to the table” for our relationships.

  • Do we truly listen when our partners & loved ones need us to pay attention?
  • Do we give enough hugs & kisses?
  • Do we open our minds to the other person’s perspective?
  • Do we show them enough patience?
  • Do we sneak the last cookie for ourselves, or do we offer it to them? Now THAT is the real question…

Valentine’s Specials are here!

Available for 2 weeks in February – 2 separate dates for pickups available:

  • Hugs & Kisses Cookies
    • X’s + O’s Sugar Cookies iced to impress by our team of decorators
  • NEW! Cake-Heart Pops
    • Assorted flavors of heart-shaped cake pops, dipped in a variety of chocolates. A chocolate truffle’s top competitor!
      • Chocolate-PB-Whiskey
      • Amaretto-Raspberry
  • Pop Hearts – (Vegan or Classic pack)
    • 4 or 8 of our famous pastry filled with raspberry preserves… as delicious for Breakfast as they are with afternoon tea!
  • Valentine’s Cupcakes Assortment
    • Chocolate & Red Velvet cupcakes with dainty hearts and sprinkles
  • LOVING COUPLE Sampler Box
    • 4 Cake-Hearts + 2 Pop Hearts + 2 X+O Cookies

Our Latest News

CNN recently featured us in an article about Covid weddings…While we’re not too keen on the topic after nearly a year of postponed & canceled events, it’s still a little mental boost to be featured in any worldwide magazine, I guess:

Local Updates in CA

Oh man, we’re SO CLOSE to seeing some “normal” here in CA…

A few of our favorite partner properties are opening with extra specials for Valentine’s getaways – check them out: