“I am only making Tosca at Easter” – Mom

Hey, who’s in the Bunny Suit???  Photo Easter, 1976…you can tell by the Dorothy Hamill haircut!

My mom was a Lutheran Sunday School teacher, among many other awesome things, so traditional Easter was a very special holiday in our house.  She ordered the most monstrous sculpted chocolate bunny carvings, cooked elaborate brunches, hosted over 100 friends at our farm for Easter, and baked TOSCA CAKE!

For some reason, my mom would ONLY ever make this delicious traditional Scandinavian cake for us at Easter time.  We would be preparing our annual Easter – stacking paper plates for brunch and sorting out chocolate candies while my brother helped Mom for the great Egg Hunt by hiding eggs in the trees, the barn, and even in the sheep’s wool…ON THE ACTUAL SHEEP…no joke!

Tosca was then and remains one of my FAVORITE treats of the year!  It’s decadent buttery flavor and crispy almond topper bring me to Food Nirvana every time.  I never understood back then why she withheld this goodness from us all year…why did we have to wait when we loved it so much?  (PSSSST, here’s a secret:  IT’S A PAIN IN THE BUTT TO MAKE!)

Ordering one for your family is easy – click ONLINE STORE.  All orders will be available for pickup on Friday, April 2, between 10am-1pm.

In fact, when Donna & I started Sweet Cheeks Baking Co., I told her that I wanted this to be on our regular menu.  So it was one of the first recipes we started making regularly so that I didn’t have to wait all year to enjoy it.

After years of producing it for retail bite-size treats at weddings and for some of our top hotel partners, I realized that Mom was right…it’s really kind of a time-suck to bake it (correctly), so maybe she was on to something?  But goodness, it still is one of the tastiest, most buttery rich tarts I’ve ever had!

So in Mom’s honor, we’re offering it for Easter this year – two flavor options:

:: Lemon-Blueberry Tosca Cake – our own creation, delicious buttery cake with the touch of zest & fruit

photo by our buddy Eddie at Studio 512 Photography

:: Traditional Almond Crusted Tosca Cake – crispy, caramelized almond topping on the buttery cake

Photo by our friend Xavier Bailey Photography

If you’re looking for the PERFECT BRUNCH CAKE to share with family & friends, grab a bottle of Prosecco, or whip up some mimosas, and EAT IT UP!

Ordering is easy – click ONLINE STORE.  All orders will be available for pickup on Friday, April 2, between 10am-1pm.

1/4 sheet, feeds 8-10 people

If you want to try baking this cake yourself (warning: it takes a bit more time than this cute video suggests…haha), this is a cool little video I found from Finlandia Butter on HOW-TO: Finlandia Butter Recipe: Traditional Tosca Cake with Kristina Vanni – YouTube

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