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Marketing Coordinator at MITO Studios

HUG Your Honey, It’s Valen-time!

Valentine’s Day is a blessing for some, a curse for others, a sales boom for engagement rings & liquor, and a sweet-lover’s dream! We’re offering some deliciously decadent and fun-loving specials for couples, families, and friends. I think of Valentine’s Day as a time for reflecting on “what WE bring to the table” for [...]

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Eloping is All the Rage!

Are you hungry? Our Square store site is back up and accepting orders…YUM! Try our newest item “Contraband Cakes!” (2 flavors: Lemon-Raspberry-Amaretto or Chocolate-Whiskey-Peanut Butter) Full size (feeds 20) or half-size (feeds 10) Eat them now, or easily re-wrapped and frozen for later enjoyment Eloping? You still deserve a cake to celebrate! New PETITE [...]

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Celebrate Labor Day with Party Cakes!

HAPPY 187th LABOR DAY! In honor of all the hard-working citizens of our country who’ve been toughing it out in a frankly crappy year, I send a big HUG for hanging tough and for holding me up! We Americans built this country with hard work and smart minds. Whether you’ve been lucky enough to [...]

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