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About Elaine Ardizzone

Elaine Ardizzone is the owner and operator of Sweet Cheeks Baking Company in San Diego, CA. Sweet Cheeks provides spectacular looking and super delicious cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and treats for weddings special celebrations!

Twenty Years of Parties

Where do the ideas originate to create your cakes?  It all begins with a client’s vision – a party theme, a custom look we design to fit their style, vibe, or simply a photo found online. In this case, our client Catherine – who hosts many WOW parties every year - is unique in [...]

WOW! Weddings Nearly All Booked!

Well, I cannot believe I’m saying this after the true depths of despair last year, but HOLY SMOKES, wedding cake dates here are BOOKED through September and most of October! I’ll have more beauties to share, but here is a great start, especially because Natalie & Will chose 2 of my FAVORITE CAKE FLAVORS [...]

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“You can ONLY have it at Easter” – Mom

"I am only making Tosca at Easter” – Mom Hey, who's in the Bunny Suit???  Photo Easter, 1976...you can tell by the Dorothy Hamill haircut! My mom was a Lutheran Sunday School teacher, among many other awesome things, so traditional Easter was a very special holiday in our house.  She ordered the most [...]

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CHEERS! We are Taking a Break!

Wow, after over 25 years of owning restaurants & this bakery, I have never closed to take off for Christmas week. But ah-haaaaah! Thanks to our recurring buddy “Covid-19 Lockdown,” this might as well be the year to do it. PLEASE NOTE: Sweet Cheeks will be CLOSED* from NOON, Dec. 22-reopening Monday, January 4, 2021. [...]

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Holiday Reminiscing

Are you staring out the window, wondering…so what can we do THIS year for “Holiday 2020” without feeling like it’s all gone to s#*@?  Apparently, all the local stores are completely out of stock on decorations, Red Hots, and tinsel, so I think everyone’s going all-out on decorating their homes as festive as possible [...]

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This One’s For You, Dad…❤️

Dr. Anthony Palminteri (May 15, 1933-Nov. 10, 2020) Rest in peace, Dad - AKA “Tony, Dr. P, Anthony, Big Daddy P, Grandpa, & Papa P” Dear Dad Before I was even in high school, you included me on some very special occasions to join you and your business partners (all veterinarians) for your weekly [...]

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Thanksgiving Special: We’re Baking Pie, Oh My!

Thanks & Giving! This year we decided to bake PIES again for the holidays – woohooo!!! They are more a labor of LOVE than profit (especially as we compete with box stores and their $9.99 pies), but they allow us to share a sense of HOME with you. Thanksgiving Pie Flavors Classic Flavors Grannie’s [...]

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Halloween Specials: Deliciously Spooky Treats – No Tricks!

Halloween Is Bigger Than Ever This Year! Had enough MASKS already? No? Well, apparently this is our big chance to wear one we’ve actually CHOSEN to wear…for FUN! Kids and adults alike are all talking, tweeting, and posting about Halloween like never before. It’s the first holiday people feel excited to celebrate since all [...]

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Weekly Special: Eloping is the New “Big Wedding”!

Elopements, Weddings, and Personal Celebrations! “Why don’t you just ELOPE?” Goodness, I can still hear those words from my dad from when Michael & I were talking about the cost of a wedding 16 years ago. Elopements are very popular right now due to the many restrictions in the past months and I don’t [...]

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