New Public Decorating Classes: Baking & Decorating for ALL!

Recently we’ve seen a flurry of excitement here in San Diego for our DECORATING CLASSES! We’ve been busy teaching kids and adults alike how to bake or pretty-up their cupcakes, cookies, and even cakes. It’s so much fun for us to share our space. Plus it gives everyone a little creative outlet after a lot [...]

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Spreading Sweetness: Giving Back to La Mesa Arts Academy

The holiday season brings the spirit of giving! We recently had the opportunity to give back to the culinary students at La Mesa Arts Academy where Debra Sands, a positive and inspiring teacher, started a Culinary Program for her middle school students. The program teaches students basic cooking techniques, how to use kitchen tools, and other [...]

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Celebrate in OUR Kitchen! Announcing Decorating Classes

Looking for a unique party idea for you and/or your kids? Well, Sweet Cheeks Baking Co. offers Decorating Classes! What a Super fun experience for kids (and/or adults) to learn while making delicious art! While kid’s birthday parties are most common, they can be held for adults too: birthday parties, showers, business/industry events and more. [...]

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“Fight Like a Girl!”

Learning Self-Defense Training from an expert military trainer, the Sweet Cheeks Team took on Jeff Hanlon of DEFEND UNIVERSITY. An evening of kicking some butt and learning not to fear yelling "9-1-1!" to save your own life was an amazing test in nerves. Jeff is researching a new facility to start regular classes, but [...]

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