Recipe – Lemon Sour Cream Loaf

Spring is finally here! While we can't exactly complain about our mild San Diego winters, we are thrilled to enjoy warmer temperatures, sunny skies, and incorporate bright, fresh ingredients into our cakes and desserts. Whether your plans include some Marie-Condo inspired spring-cleaning or spending a generous amount of time outdoors enjoying the fresh air, our [...]

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ServiceNow 2019 Kickoff Party

One of this year’s biggest wedding cake trends, the BAC (big ass cake), is not just for weddings. Our corporate clients have taken notice (maybe they saw our Trend Report) and are opting for statement sweets at their meetings and events. What an honor it was to work with such a celebrated, up-and-coming company, like [...]

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Sweet Cheeks in the Desert at Famous Twin Palms Estate

Sweet Cheeks recently had the opportunity to work on an incredible project - a styled photo shoot at the famous Twin Palms Frank Sinatra Estate. The shoot came to life under the creative direction of Melody Ponce, wedding planner and designer at Winner Circle Events. It was an honor for Sweet Cheeks to team up [...]

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Recipe – Cheebee Carrot Cake, A Family Recipe

While you certainly don’t need a special occasion or holiday to indulge in dessert, February hosts National Carrot Cake Day and we’re celebrating all month long. Family recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation often hold a sweet spot in people’s hearts. The recipe for our Cheebee Carrot Cake was passed down [...]

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The 7 Sweetest Wedding Cake Trends of 2019

As engagement season unfolds, couples enter into an exciting time of dreaming, preparation and planning for their upcoming nuptials. One of the biggest, most delicious decisions of planning a wedding is, of course, the cake! From flavors and fillings to design and details, the cake is a wedding’s showpiece and sets the stage for a [...]

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Recipe – Vegan Chocolate Cake

As society becomes more health conscious and aware of how food and ingredients are processed, more of our clients ask for wholesome ingredients to be incorporated into their sweets. At Sweet Cheeks, we are equally as passionate about the ingredients that go in to our desserts as the designs and decor that go on them.  [...]

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“The Halo-Effect” for Taylor + Fey at Rancho Valencia

Who doesn’t love flowers on a B.A.C. (Big Ass Cake)? Whether the flowers are fresh or made of edible wafer paper or sugar, we love decorating with them for weddings. When Taylor and Fey requested a cake design that demanded HUNDREDS of sugar flowers, we were thrilled. Rather than asking for flowers to hug the [...]

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Spreading Sweetness: Giving Back to La Mesa Arts Academy

The holiday season brings the spirit of giving! We recently had the opportunity to give back to the culinary students at La Mesa Arts Academy where Debra Sands, a positive and inspiring teacher, started a Culinary Program for her middle school students. The program teaches students basic cooking techniques, how to use kitchen tools, and other [...]

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Sweet Cheeks Says Farewell to Donna Cellere, “The Left Cheek”

There is no real easy way to say “Buon Viaggio” to a friend moving away, but when it’s one of your BEST FRIENDS of 18 years, who also happens to be your business partner for 11 of those, it is even harder. While I am SO EXCITED for Donna and Nick as they embark on [...]

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Recipe – Classic Gingerbread Cookies

This year, with news spreading of their deliciousness, our gingerbread cookies have seen a proliferation in orders. Thousands have already been served at industry events and ordered for holiday dinners by our restaurant & hotel partners, not to mention handed out by our team at charity fundraisers, and decorated by the little hands at our [...]

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