Good gracious, 2020 has been a devastating year for all of us in the Events Industry and foodservice; it’s also affecting all of you in one way or another (hello parents, have you become a home-school teacher yet?). Please remember that if you want your favorite businesses to STAY IN BUSINESS, keep supporting them with orders…

We are back to operating at full capacity, accepting orders for future weddings & events as well as for imminent celebrations. Check out some of the fun stuff we’ve created during COVID time! Follow our Instagram stories & posts for more updates: @sweetcheeksbakingco.

Need some last-minute goodies? We’ve started making Party Cakes (regular as well as VEGAN cakes!) for you! Please see our new online store via SQUARE, where you can order cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other occasional specials for pickup within the same week…please note pickups are on FRIDAYS unless otherwise confirmed.

!! Wedding Couples !!

  1. If you have an upcoming wedding or party that you need to postpone or cancel, please contact us ASAP. We are doing our best to accommodate changes. You may reach us at [email protected].
  2. If you are planning your wedding for late summer-fall of 2021, PLEASE NOTE: You will be competing for vendors with ALL of the couples who’ve had to postpone due to Coronavirus, best to start confirming NOW! Please contact us at [email protected].
  3. Despite only a few sad cancellations, most of our weddings have just been postponed – From our bakery to your home: “THANK YOU to all of our couples who want us to help them celebrate in the future!”
  4. If you are booking during the pandemic for an upcoming date, please see our COVID FAQ’s for more questions re: fees, etc. that may apply if case of a postponement or cancellation.

The Good Stuff

So just in case you are one of “us” who is constantly cleaning and craving CAKE & COOKIES even more right now (maybe along with pasta, wine, and whiskey), we wanted to reach out and let you know how you can still get some of the good stuff. We’ve come up with a few NEW IDEAS for you!

To order some of these Tasty Offerings from Sweet Cheeks Baking Co., please contact me directly: [email protected].

Thank you for supporting our fun little biz for 16 years!