Yes, it’s a devastating time for not only all of us in the Events Industry and foodservice; it’s affecting everyone in one way or another. Please remember that if you want your favorite businesses to STAY IN BUSINESS, keep reaching out to place future orders with them.

Currently, while we’re not operating at full capacity, we are accepting orders based on availability (due to cost of operations, we have to be strategic in custom requests). I am on-sight at the bakery often, and typically 1-2 of my team is working off-site to receive inquiries, update social media, & write invoices, and on-site to bake Whole Foods Market orders on-time and keep up with organizing take-home Kids DIY Kits (see below – SUPER FUN home distractions are important!)

Despite only a few sad cancellations, most of our weddings have just been postponed – From our bakery to your home: “THANK YOU to all of our couples who want us to help them celebrate in the future!”

We felt honored to DONATE over 200 cancelled desserts to a local women’s shelter and wedding cake to a fellow vendor. While we weren’t paid in $$$’s, we were certainly paid in gratitude…sometimes that’s worth even more. Xoxoxo

Follow our Instagram stories for updates: @sweetcheeksbakingco.

BTW: We’re still supplying our breakfast breads to Whole Foods Hillcrest!

!! Wedding Couples !!

  1. If you have an upcoming wedding or party between now and May 3 that you need to postpone or cancel, please contact us ASAP. We are doing our best to accommodate changes. You may reach us at
  2. If you are planning your wedding for late summer-fall, PLEASE NOTE: You will be competing for vendors with ALL of the couples who’ve had to postpone due to Coronavirus, best to start confirming NOW! Please contact us at

The Good Stuff

So just in case you are one of “us” who is constantly cleaning and craving CAKE & COOKIES even more right now (maybe along with pasta, wine, and whiskey), we wanted to reach out and let you know how you can still get some of the good stuff. We’ve come up with a few NEW IDEAS for you!

To order some of these Tasty Offerings from Sweet Cheeks Baking Co., please contact me directly:

Dealing with Bored Kids?

ALL Cookie Dough & DIY Kit orders to be emailed to ELAINE by this Thursday @ 9am for PICKUP on:

  • Friday or Saturday from 11am-1pm.

Try our new DIY COOKIE Decorating Kits!
Each kit INCLUDES:

  • An assortment of cookie shapes for you to bake at home on parchment sheets provided
    Baking instructions
  • Royal Icing in piping bags (disposable but honestly very washable to re-use)
  • 3 different colored sprinkles & crystal sugars

Try our new DIY CUPCAKE Decorating Kits!
Each kit INCLUDES:

  • 6 pre-baked Cupcakes (Assorted regular flavors & Vegan Chocolate available!)
  • Decorating Practice Mat
  • Sweet Cheeks famous Italian Buttercream Icing (*or Vegan Frosting available!)
  • Large piping bags (disposable but honestly very washable to re-use)
  • 3 different colored sprinkles & crystal sugars

Cookie Dough Rolls

Bake your own COOKIES at home!

  • Chocolate Chip (Yummm, did you see Lauren’s LIVE Insta dough-making?)
  • Vanilla Shortbread
  • Gluten-Free Monsters (Peanut-Butter, Oat, Chocolate Chunk) – Limited

Wedding Cake Gift Certificates

Planning your wedding for the bright future when this is all behind us? Worried about expenses? Ask your relatives to purchase some WEDDING CAKE GIFT CERTIFICATES. It’ll help us in this time and will help YOU in your spending. Who wouldn’t want to ensure that your cake was beautiful AND delicious?

  • Options: $100, $250, or $500


Yes, that’s what I said! No, we don’t teach bakery yoga, but we sure know an incredible Yogi who just started offering online classes if you want to join.

  1. Renee Gauthier – blends essential oils & wonderful classic yoga, is offering a “Pay What You Can” option for a limited time! As Renee always says, “Please feel free to share the love and invite your friends.”
  2. Studio Fusion – My power-yogi niece Alexa teaches killer Power-Sculpt Yoga along with some of her kick-butt (YOUNG) friends!
  3. Caffe YogaVirtual evening class schedules

Let’s Create Some Shining Lights!

  • Reach out to family members and friends who rarely hear from you.
  • Learn how to bake Honey Whole Wheat Bread.
  • Figure out how to use that darn knitting set that you never take out of storage.
  • Play board games – Lord knows that’ll suck up a few days…
  • Send some PERSONAL CARDS – who doesn’t LOVE to get real mail?

Whatever you’re doing to stay focused. Whether it be baking or reading, learning a new language or finally getting to those projects around the house, we hope you’re staying HEALTHY and SANE. These are unprecedented times for us all. Many people are afraid of losing businesses, jobs, and even family members. Stick together. It’s going to take a lot of emotional, financial, and maybe physical help in each community to move past this.

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