1. Is there a Date Change Fee if I postpone my wedding or party due to Covid? Yes, there will be a $50 charge to change your date, and you may also lose the nonrefundable portion of your down payment if you are booking your wedding during the pandemic. If your event has been booked since before the pandemic, then you will not be charged.
  2. What if I decide to cancel completely once I’ve paid?   By now, you are already aware that your event may be cancelled by the venue or government; this is out of our control and yours.  But under these current circumstances, there are no refunds, and you will lose your nonrefundable down payment. Payments already made cover the time, design work, communications, ingredients ordered, and date saved for you.  Please consider your planning carefully with all venues and vendors during these volatile times.
  3. If we change our venue (for ex: to a private home), how will that change our bill? Depending on Size of your order and the Address/location of your new party place, you may opt to pick up your order at the bakery for no fee (pickups typically available on Friday or Saturday and must be confirmed first) or incur a fee for the new delivery location.  We cannot guarantee this option if you live out of the normal delivery area.