Yes, absolutely!  These are typically designed in theme or flavor specifically for the groom or 2nd spouse in same-sex wedding couples.  Sculpted (shaped as a fish, a dog, a car, etc.) or just a fun, funky flavor can be a great SURPRISE for your soon-to-be-spouse!

About Groom’s & Partner Cakes

WHY?: Many clients find the groom’s or Partner’s cake so much fun because it’s a way to give the groom special attention when otherwise most of the attention & decisions are given to the bride’s details. Interestingly, with the advent of so many same sex weddings, we find that one of the future spouses is still always more involved in the details than the other…we have made many fun & creative cakes for same sex wedding clients, not just grooms – FUN!!

History: Dating back to Victorian England, sneaky folklore says that a groom’s cake was cut & boxed up as a Guest Favor to the unmarried women guests. They were expected to put these boxed slices of cake under their bed pillow that night, in hopes that they might dream of their future husband (excuse me, what??? Don’t tell me single women after a wedding aren’t EATING this cake before bed!) The idea of a groom’s cake made its way to the United States, and its popularity – especially since the movie “Steel Magnolias” and the Red Velvet Armadillo – has erupted!

Flavor Decisions: These cakes are whatever flavor your significant other tends to prefer (usually something totally different from the wedding cake). Think dark chocolate cake soaked in whiskey with salted caramel buttercream; Marble with OREO filling; or Banana cake with Peanut Butter…yum! This is a fantastic chance to get creative.

When to Serve it: Many people serve this cake in addition to a wedding cake so that everyone gets to see it. However, if you have a large wedding cake or lots of other desserts at the wedding, we suggest serving the cake at the Rehearsal Dinner, where usually your closest family & friends are sharing a fun, relaxed time and can really get a chuckle out of a SCULPTED, creative cake. What FUN to showcase a favorite sports team, pet, favorite travel or activity, or anything in CAKE FORM!!!