You may order your cake based on visual size or based on actual guest count.  Cakes are charged based on SIZE + DECOR LABOR

Example based on visual size:  “I only have 20 guests, but I want a 4-tier cake to look huge!”  (the smallest 4-tier cake will feed approx. 90 guests, so you will be paying for 90 guests)

Example based on Guest Count:  “We have 260 guests to feed” (we would suggest you get a 4-5 tier cake + backup cakes;  the backups remain in the kitchen to allow the banquet team to start cutting early enough to get your guests served efficiently)

If you order a cake based on guest count, please sizing up to us.

Wedding cakes feed more guests because they are cut by professionals.

Average party cake feeds: 6” round=10-12; 8” round=20-25; 10” round=30-35; 12” round=50-60