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What is a Dummy (Fake or “Faux”) Cake Tier? Do they cost less?

Dummy/Faux/Fake Tiers are made of Styro foam. These are good options to create: GRAND SIZE cake for a Small Size guest count. OUTDOOR PRESENTATION for hot seasons. SOLID GOLD or other Metallic Airbrush Tiers. Fancy FAKE cakes may cost less than real; however, if you still need cake to feed your guests, it may be [...]

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Can you copy a cake design from another bakery? How about Grandma’s recipe?

Design: We will follow an inspiration photo from another designer; however, as artists ourselves, we will ask for “artistic license” with all designs. We may not have the exact tools that another designer uses or the experience with their personal style. Extra time or special equipment is often needed to follow someone else’s technique, so [...]

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Do you make alternative style, or Groom/Partner Cakes? (P.S. What IS a Groom’s Cake?)

Yes, absolutely!  These are typically designed in theme or flavor specifically for the groom or 2nd spouse in same-sex wedding couples.  Sculpted (shaped as a fish, a dog, a car, etc.) or just a fun, funky flavor can be a great SURPRISE for your soon-to-be-spouse! About Groom’s & Partner Cakes WHY?: Many clients find the [...]

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Do you make Wedding Favors?

Yes. You may order our delicious, personalized cookies for your guests - please inquire. Crystal sugar, painted, fancy decorated, and even photos of YOU can be a super fun gift that guests will take home and eat (or share with their kids who weren’t invited to the wedding).

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