Cake…it’s personal…or at least it should be. We make cakes & desserts for any occasion. Before calling to order a cake from a bakery, please have the following information for us so that we’re better prepared to help you:

WHO is the cake celebrating? Boy/Girl; Man/Woman; Couple? Age of celebrant? What do they like/what is their style? Favorite color? Favorite pastime? What would BEST REPRESENT this person or these people? How can we make it PERSONAL?

  • Bridal showers
  • Baby showers
  • Baby Reveal Cakes
  • 1st Birthday Smash Cakes
  • Bachelorette/Erotic cakes (please call, adults only)
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Quinceaneras
  • Anniversary Cakes
  • Birthday celebrations
  • Graduation cakes*
  • Funerals & Celebrations of Life
  • Photo Shoots

Cake Flavors

  • Signature Wedding Cake (AKA “Ode to the Hot Toddy”) – Fluffy Vanilla Bean Cake, infused with honey & whiskey and layered with silky cream cheese & lemon buttercream (gf) or (v)
  • Fresh Lemon-Berry – Vanilla Bean Cake infused with almond syrup, filled with our zesty lemon curd and white chocolate mousse with fresh, seasonal berries (in season) ($$) (v)
  • Piña Colada – Fluffy Coconut Cake infused with rum + pineapple juice, layered with coconut cream cheese & pineapple curd. (Iced in Italian Buttercream) (gf) or (v)
  • Cheebee’s Best Carrot Cake – Mom’s recipe since childhood, this amazing cake is loaded with fresh grated carrots, spices, coconut, and raisins; filled with our Classic Cream Cheese & Cinnamon Spiced Buttercream.
  • Marbled With Love – Swirls of Vanilla Bean & Chocolate Cakes, filled with Raspberry Cream and Chocolate Mousse.
  • Tiramisu – Coffee-Kahlua soaked vanilla cake, layered with traditional Latte Cream Cheese and White chocolate Mousse – an Italian classic in cake form! (gf)
  • Classic Red Velvet – True Red Velvet, a buttermilk-chocolate cake, layered with Cream Cheese filling, needs nothing more.
  • Triple Chocolate Darkness – Blackout Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Mousse, and Crushed real OREOS(R) (Option to Add Whiskey-soak) (gf – however, the gf option does not come with Oreos) or (v)
  • “The Sicilian” – Sicilian Pistachio Cake filled with Hazelnut Cream & Cherry Mousse. (v)
  • “The Elvis Favorite” – Fresh Banana Cake slathered with Peanut Butter Cream, Dark Chocolate Truffle, and crumbled Chocolate Chip Cookies
  • Smashing Pumpkin Cake (Sept. – February) – Crazy-moist from pureed pumpkin, seasoned with autumn spices, rich Latte Cream Cheese & White Chocolate Mousse (gf)
  • “Strawberry Loving” (March – August) – Rosy pink layers of Strawberry cake, layered with our white chocolate mousse & fresh strawberries and silky cream cheese fillings
  • “Lady Marmalade” Orange Cake (March – August) – Fresh orange cake layered with Marmalade buttercream and Chantilly Cream infused with Orange Blossom water + fresh raspberries fillings

Special Notes & Items

  • (gf) = Gluten-free options available ($)
  • (v) = Vegan options available ($)
  • ($) = Indicates that an additional charge may apply.

Latest Custom Cake Articles from the Blog

Twenty Years of Parties

Where do the ideas originate to create your cakes?  It all begins with a client’s vision – a party theme, a custom look we design to fit their style, vibe, or simply a photo found online. In this case, our client Catherine – who hosts many WOW parties every year - is unique in that she designs her own vision on CAD for us to bring to life in cake. This year was her 20th ANNIVERSARY of this annual event! Catherine sent us computer mockups for three different book stack formats to represent the 20 years of history she’s had hosting this party: the crazy-tall stack of books encapsulated 13 years of party “titles,”  the upright bookshelf covered 6 party themes, and the open book represented this year’s 2021 celebration. Catherine orchestrates multiple incredible parties every year, and people vie for an invitation!  The gifts, the entertainment, the decorations, and of course the cakes! This year saddened my heart because she is home sick and was unable to attend her own affair.   With her husband's career at SPACE-X, it seemed fitting that Catherine couldn't be at the party, so she arrived as a ROBOT - gotta love tech-smart people! she "arrive to the party" as a robot - dedicated as ever to ensure her guests celebrate in style.  This woman is UHHHH-MAZING! The narrow cake design would have been extremely narrow and precarious to stack, so we agreed that part of the [...]

ServiceNow 2019 Kickoff Party

One of this year’s biggest wedding cake trends, the BAC (big ass cake), is not just for weddings. Our corporate clients have taken notice (maybe they saw our Trend Report) and are opting for statement sweets at their meetings and events. What an honor it was to work with such a celebrated, up-and-coming company, like ServiceNow, to create a BAC for their Annual Kickoff Party.  ServiceNow, headquartered in Santa Clara, is a cloud-based computing company with a huge presence in San Diego. Their growth is just astounding and, as a result, their 2019 Kickoff Party at the Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego topped over 1,000 guests. The Hyatt is one of San Diego’s largest venues and the perfect location for such a grand celebration. We relate so well to ServiceNow’s corporate culture and goals, including a zest for work-life balance and a love of surfing, the beach, and all things San Diego, so we wanted to create a completely custom BAC design that incorporated all of these ideas. Of course, a cake with multiple tiers allows for a variety of fillings and flavors. This year, ServiceNow selected three delicious flavors including Marbled Vanilla-Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Cream, Red Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese filling, and Blackout Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Buttercream for their celebratory sweet. If you’re wondering how to decide which flavor to try, the answer is… you don’t. You try all three!

Happy 243rd Birthday to the Marine Corps Ball!

Happy 243rd Birthday!!! We were thrilled & privileged once again to provide cakes for numerous Marine Corps Ball events this year! The US Military presence here in San Diego is so important to our country, our neighborhood, and our safety, and we are proud to participate by sharing our skills of delicious cakes & striking designs to showcase their individual company groups. Some of our classic designs and cake flavors suit the awesome masses: Cheebee's Best Carrot Cake (Mom's recipe) filled with Coconut Cream Cheese Marble Vanilla-Chocolate Cake filled with Dark Chocolate Truffle Marble Vanilla-Chocolate Cake filled with White Chocolate Mousse Blackout Chocolate Cake filled with Chocolate Whipped Mousse

Thank you for supporting our fun little biz for 16 years!