birthday party

The Cats Meow! 9 Years, 9 Lives + Some Crazy Cat Ladies

Sweet Cheeks' Birthday parties are well known for FUN, YUM, and a little bit o' CRAZY!  This year, as we celebrated 9 years in business, we chose the "9 Lives" theme of...yup, CATS. About 350 people showed up - some in ears & tails, others with their own stuffed animals, most just to have a [...]

Time-lapse Video

Take a look at what our friend,  Laura Christin, of  Laura Christin Photography, made for us.  The video shows our kitchen right before our 3rd birthday party, in the process of preparing, then shows the party itself, and finishes with all the cleanup. Sorry no music is attached, but if gives you an idea of the hustle and [...]

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