Recipe – Red Velvet Lovelies!

Layer it with cream cheese icing. Dip it in Chocolate Ganache. Fill it like a Whoopee Pie. Stack it with New York Cheesecake in a cup! When people hear us talking about Red Velvet, they just FLIP OUT and beg for it. It’s really quite something!!! So, after years of considering any changes in our recipe [...]

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Recipe – Lemon Bars: Refresh Your Palate!

Springtime gets warm here, feeling like Summer to most of the US.  For us SoCal kids, this time of year makes us long for the REFRESHING tang of Lemon and when you live in San Diego, pretty much every one of your local neighbors knows someone with a few lemon trees for fresh squeezed juice! [...]

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Recipe – Coconut Macaroons: The Perfect Easter Treat

Coconut Macaroons are not only one of our favorite treats, they are also fun to shape as small baskets and bake for Easter desserts or gift as the perfect treat for Passover. Coconut macaroons are also naturally Gluten Free and simple, containing crushed paste of either almonds or coconut, plus an element of sugar & egg [...]

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Recipe – Elaine’s Childhood Chocolate Frosting

Elaine:  "When I was a kid, my favorite thing was to bake up vanilla cake and spread chocolate frosting all over it. Honestly, who didn’t love that? Long story short, things haven’t changed much in 40+ years. I STILL claim that no matter what the cake used is, whether you take the time to make [...]

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Recipe – Cheesecake

Come on, people, it's Cheesecake and we LOVE it. From whole cheesecakes to cheesecakes pops and even cheesecake shots, our favorite! Add your favorite treats to this cheesecake recipe including chocolate chips, M&M's, cinnamon, OREO crumb, lemon zest...the list is endless. Ingredients GRAHAM CRACKER CRUST* 6 cups (1 lbs. 10oz) - Graham crackers crumbs 1 [...]

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Recipe – Tasty Tiramisu

A very traditional dessert from my Italian heritage, Tiramisu. Also known as "Pick me up" is so-named from the espresso/coffee that we use to soak the biscuits.  Beware, you MAY NOT SLEEP after a large portion!  ;) I've been making this "recipe" since 1993 from when I owned my Italian restaurant, The Excelsior Cafe in [...]

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Recipe – Pear Ginger Crumb Tart

Happy Holidays, everyone! Yes, it's that time of the month where we share with you one of our beloved recipes. This month it is our Pear Ginger Crumb Tart! The coolest thing about this tart is that the pie shell can be used in any format such as tart, pie pan, mini, etc. Have fun [...]

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Recipe – Smashing Pumpkin Cake

Just in time for the Fall Holidays including Thanksgiving - today, we are sharing with you our FAVORITE PUMPKIN RECIPE! Especially since last month you received its complimentary Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting recipe. Believe us when we say combining the two will make you fall in love with pumpkin all over again! For us, the words [...]

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Recipe – Spiced Cream Cheese Frosting

Nothing says holidays better than "Spiced" and it's hard to compete with a cream cheese frosting. So you can imagine what happens when you serve "Spiced Cream Cheese" frosting on your favorite cake or cupcakes. These are particularly delicious as a cupcake frosting (our Smashing Pumpkin Cupcakes are our FAVE!!) Enjoy . . . Ingredients [...]

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Some Recipes are Just . . . “Cockeyed” (Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe)

So many of our recipes over the years hail from our moms, grandmothers, and family friends. But occasionally one REALLY GREAT recipe from our past, straight out of a book, keeps us coming back and wanting to share it. Today’s recipe not only brings back some of the fondest of memories of my childhood but [...]

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