WOW, it’s time for the best part of planning…tasting cake! We hope you love the delicious FAVORITES that we’ve created for our Cake Menu.

If you require Gluten Free cake or Vegan cake, never fear…we’ve got you covered. (Gluten Free or Vegan cake tastings will be less conventional and may be presented as cupcakes or as separate components for you.)

What you can expect at tasting appointments (based on type of appointment you select):

  • Pre-payment is required to confirm all tastings. Cancellations require 48hrs notice.
  • On Saturdays, we can only accommodate TAKE HOME SAMPLES.
  • Allow up to 2 mos. notice for specific appt times.
  • Please allow for traffic and arrive on time to maximize your design time.
  • Tasting samples & consultations are designed for 2 people (remember: the more voices, the more difficult your decisions…)
  • As an APPOINTMENT ONLY kitchen, we often require a week or more ADVANCE NOTICE to put samples together for each client. Please understand if we are not able to accommodate samples for you without enough notice.

How It Works

Confirming your tasting is a 2-step process.

  1. Select Your Tasting Options Below. Pre-pay if applicable.
  2. After submitting your form, you’ll receive an email confirmation. Our wedding designer will reach out to you via email to get your appointment scheduled.
  3. Attend your tasting and enjoy! (Okay, we lied – it’s 3 steps. It’s not really an official step, but we hope you’ll enjoy either way.)

Tasting Options

NOTE: During COVID-19, we are only offering DRIVE BY CAKE tasting options. There are no in-shop / in-person options available during this time. Our tasting options below have been updated to reflect this.
NOTE: Due to COVID, tastings are non-refundable once charged; Please review our menu pricing prior to filling out this form!

Cake Lover's Drive-By

  • PICK UP of sample box of cakes & frostings to enjoy at home
  • Email or Phone consultation available to finalize details (On Site consultation NOT included with this option)
  • Available FRIDAYS between 10am-1pm (requires 48 hours advance notice for all pickups)
  • NOTE: Please budget at least $9-10/slice for your cake
  • Add-ons Available
If your date is within 30 days, please contact us first to ensure we can accommodate you.

Tasting Inquiry Form

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